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Why our Products are So Special.
The recipes for both varieties of the dip are proprietary to the company. Our products have an incredibly long shelf life, and without adding lot of preservatives; we put out a very unique product. We make a gourmet product using the highest-quality ingredients we can find. People consistently tell me they can really taste the quality.
Gulf Smoked Seafood sources its high quality tuna from outside of its region, including Southeast Asia. The dip is produced and packaged in Gulf's Pensacola facility using large smokers. With five (production) employees, we can mix and pack 2,500 pounds of product in four hours.   Gulf Smoked Seafood sells its products to distributors, who place it in restaurants and retail outlets in the Southeast, and select markets across the US. We even have fans who pay to overnight it to Europe.
Product quality and safety are the company's most important priorities. Our motto is if we couldn't serve it to our children at any step of the way, we're not going to serve it to anyone else. When you read our label, you see food ingredients there; you don't need a chemistry degree to understand it.
One of our product's strongest qualities is versatility - they can be eaten as a salad or used to stuff tomatoes, pasta, chicken, wraps, puff pastry, the uses are nearly endless - create your own gourmet experience or just dip it from the container.
The dip, marketed with the company's trademark as The "Original Recipe"™ Smoked Tuna Dip, remains Gulf's primary product. It's a magical combination of flavors, and people love it.
  • Dedicated to producing the highest quality product.
  • Served by restaurants demanding the superior flavor & quality.
  • "Original Recipe"™ Smoked Tuna Dip is low carb.
  • The "Skinny Dip"™ is low fat.
  • Customers who have served our "Original Recipe"TM Smoked Tuna Dip for over 30 years say they still can't live without it.
  • Family Owned & Operated.
  • Versatile and highly nutritious.
  • "Skinny Dip"TM is low fat.
  • Often copied, never duplicated.
  • All Products are are heart healthy.
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